Valtellina is not a land of high plains or vast easy meadows... These words are taken from a guide published almost thirty years ago, probably one of the best for mountain-bike riding Valtellina and Valchiavenna. It was 1990 and since then, fortunately, the mountains, passes and trails have not changed much. Whereas bikes have.

Today, an e-bike lets just about anybody tackle, quite happily, routes, trails, rough tracks, big differences in altitude and distances that before now were unthinkable for the average cyclist, families or newbie cycle tourists. Technology (battery, motor, gears) applied to the bikes has meant that high lands and Alpine passes are no longer the exclusive realm of cyclists with strong legs and plenty of puff, democratically opening the doors wide to all those who, on a pedalassisted bike, want to get to know mountain routes and scenery until now off limits. This is why we have written this guide, with its short yet exhaustive notes, with a series of suggestions that go from Passo dello Spluga to Stelvio Park, terraces to mountain pastures, valley bottom to the glaciers.

The routes suggested have been chosen for their ease, circular nature, lack of any extreme difficulty, good signage and refreshment points along the way. Descriptions have been deliberately kept to a few lines to leave room for technical data, maps, elevation graphs and photos.

Where to read and to buy the guide

Here you can read online the guide: BROCHURES OF VALTELLINA

You can buy the guide at the price of € 10 in one of the tourist offices of Valtellina: CONTACTS OF THE TOURIST OFFICES