Castles of Bellaguarda

One of the most important castles in Valtellina


Crowning the mountainside just above the village of Tovo S. Agata, the castle of Bellaguarda is perhaps considered one of Valtellina’s most elaborate examples. Owned by the Venosta family until 1712, Bellaguarda is one of the few fortifications in the valley that still stands tall in the present day, boasting a big chunk of its original structure thanks to various restoration efforts over the years.

With a triangular floor plan, this three-storey castle was built with crenellated walls, which are battlement projections called merlons. The tallest structure is the watchtower, which dates to 1226 – a whole century earlier than the rest of the complex, first mentioned in 1340. To round off the imposing fortifications, the ground-level guardhouse next to the central building has numerous windows and arrow loops.