Bosco dei Bordighi


Founded in 1994, the Bosco dei Bordighi reserve spans approximately 50 hectares along the banks of the Adda river, just outside Sondrio. It is one of the few patches of riparian forest left along the alluvial plains of the Adda river

Here, a variety of ancient and very rare plant species grow nearer or further from the river, depending on their water requirements. The most widespread species are white willow, basket willow, rosemary willow, grey and black alder and black poplar, along with bushes such as the common dogwood, viburnum, spindle and elder. The flat areas are populated with mesophytic broad-leaved deciduous trees and hygrophilous woods. There are also poplar groves and irrigated crops that are not endemic.

Like all the local conservation areas, the Riserva Naturale bosco dei Bordighi is represented by a symbolic animal, chosen because it is one of the most common, and readily visible, animals in the area – the great spotted woodpecker.