Piramidi di Postalesio

The Piramidi di Postalesio, or Pyramids of Postalesio, are extremely unusual and very intriguing. This phenomenon is of great interest both from the perspective of the flora and fauna and with respect to the landscape itself, since it only occurs in conjunction with a unique series of geological, environmental and climatic factors. Erosion occurs as the rainwater falls onto the earth, crumbling and carrying away the soil so that only the compact boulders remain. Thus, columns carrying large boulders of varying dimensions are “born”. The process is ongoing and next to the existing columns a number of new formations are starting.

Interesting fact

The small valleys that form around the pyramids create a unique microclimate that has favoured the growth of a dense forest in which both cold-climate species, such as larches, European spruce and Scots pine, and species that prefer warmer climates cohabit.