A timeless location “only” 2,886 steps from Valchiavenna


The 2,886 steps of a steep mule track is all that separates Savogno from the rest of Valchiavenna in Valtellina. The track starts in Borgonuovo di Piuro in Sarlone, not far from the Acquafraggia waterfalls, and immediately enters the woods on the rocky hillside. As you climb you are flanked by terraces that were once covered in grapevines. 

Along the way there is an interesting fountain that dates from 1869, and if you make a small detour you’ll find a giant grape press built in 1706. Just before you enter Savogno, which from 1867 to 1875 was the parish of Saint Luigi Guanella. Take a moment to enjoy the breath-taking views of the valley below. Dating from the Middle Ages, the village, seems to be frozen in time with its stone houses, wooden barns and schist roofs.