The cradle of wine-growing in Valtellina


To the East of Sondrio, on the northern slopes of the valley, Chiuro is home to several of the region’s biggest wine estates, which take part in the Grappolo d’Oro wine event each year. The 10-day event is dedicated exclusively to Valtellina’s red wines and features a host of themed events. First and foremost are the open-air tastings in the medieval streets, courtyards and villas of the historic centre.

Chiuro is considered the wine capital of the region, thanks to its ancient beginnings. It also happens to be the hub of the biggest terraced wine-growing area in Italy. Today, the township is also renowned for its dairy and artisanal industries centred on woodworking, metalworking and carpet-making (e.g. traditional pezzotti mats made with rag strips). Souvenirs of the Chiuro’s rich history include the Church of the Madonna della Neve and Saint Carlo, the fortified residence of Stefano Quadrio, the Parish Church of Saints Giacomo and Andrea and the home of Maurizio Quadrio, Renaissance patriot. 

In 1913, the parvis of the parish church was dedicated to Cipriano Valorsa, the Valtellinese painter who produced a number of fine works in this very corner of Chiuro.