Val Codera

A slice of paradise accessible only on foot


The remote village of Codera is nestled in the valley of the same name, which branches off the Valchiavenna, and can only be reached on foot. The path from Novate Mezzola consists of steep steps and there is no sealed road suitable for two- or four-wheeled vehicles. Unless you have access to a helicopter, you will need a healthy dose of patience, comfortable clothing, and appropriate footwear. 

However, your effort will be more than repaid by the spectacular panoramas along the way, featuring chestnut groves and lake vistas. When you arrive in Cordera after a 2-hour hike, you will be rewarded with pristine mountain air and still more beauty. The secluded village, which has a fairy tale-like atmosphere, has an official population of just eight, but this swells during summer weekends as people flock to the many events organized throughout the season. The stone mountain houses, traditional cuisine, granite cliffs and grassy meadows are all lovingly maintained by the residents and the Amici di Val Codera association.

Volunteers run tours during which they share their passion for this unique village, which nestles in the peaceful, verdant landscape 850 metres above sea level and has managed to preserve its rural Alpine charm throughout the ages.