San Fedelino

Explore the small but spectacular Chiesa di San Fedele on the Novate Mezzola lake


What it lacks in size, the Tempietto di San Fedelino more than makes up for in charm as one of the most stunning places to visit in the province of Sondrio and one of the most treasured examples of Romanesque art in Lombardy.

Start your walk to the little temple of San Fedelino from the church of S. Giovanni, which you can reach by car from Era (next to Samolaco) or from Novate Mezzola along Via Trivulzia. 

The path is well signposted, leading you first over a small bridge, detouring around some cultivated fields, then joining the edge of the River Mera to follow its wide, flat banks. When you reach a stone set of stairs (option to head to Alpe Teolo from here), keep left and follow the lower path to reach the idyllic, grassy riverside clearing that’s home to San Fedelino

A few hundred metres from the church, you’ll stumble upon a paradisal lakeside cove. A beautiful, secluded spot with a little jetty, special boat trips can be booked in advance (Telephone Gianni T: + 39 333 7807686). 

from San Fedelino to Dascio

Extend the walk by adding Dascio as your destination. Climbing up from the small temple, you’ll quickly reach a stunning visewpoint followed by a junction of trails, including the via Francisca path. Turn left (otherwise you’ll return to where you started from by going right) and keep climbing through the picture-book chestnut trees. You’ll be traversing the lakeside, but sticking high above it so the views will be extraordinary. As an official observation spot for the Pian di Spagna nature reserve, the Sasso di Dascio viewpoint offers some of the best views on the whole walk.

Hike to San Fedelino / Dascio

Start: church of San Giovanni (200 m) reachable by car from Era-Samolaco, or from Novate Mezzola through via Trivulzia.
Finish: Dascio (208 m)
Duration: 1h30m from S. Giovanni to San Fedelino | 2h from San Fedelino to Dascio 
Difficulty: touristic

Per maggiori informazioni contattare l'InfoPoint di Chiavenna: | tel. 0343 37485

ph. Enrico Minotti