In front of Piz Bernina


TYPE: medium difficulty hike

DURATION: 3 h 30 min to Marinelli Mountain Hut



PERIOD: from June to September


TRAIL DESCRIPTION: This route lets hikers admire the full splendour of Piz Bernina (4,049 m). It is the highest peak in the western Rhaetian Alps and the easternmost 4000 m peak in the Alps. The Italian-Swiss border runs along Piz Bernina and the surrounding peaks, which stand just below 4,000 metres. If you look carefully, you can see the Marco e Rosa De Marchi – Agostino Rocca Mountain Hut (altitude 3,609 m), located on the shoulder of Piz Bernina. Open since 2003, the mountain hut offers excellent service to mountaineers attempting to climb Piz Bernina or nearby peaks. The trail continues to the Marinelli Bombardieri Mountain Hut, located in Lanzada in Valmalenco, in the Upper Scerscen Valley.  Beginning in Sondrio, drive on provincial road No. 15 to Valmalenco and the village of Lanzada, then continue on to Campo Moro (1,990 m). At Campo Moro, after crossing the dam, head to the Marinelli Bombardieri Mountain Hut via the Carate Brianza Mountain Hut. After climbing a wooded slope, cross the top of the hill and continue along a plateau with a slight incline, where you will find the trail that leads up from Alpe Musella. The section of trail between here and the Carate Mountain Hut is called the “Seven Sighs”, since it is a series of seven rises leading to the Carate Mountain Hut (2,355 m). The path continues up to the Forbici Saddle (2,660 m), where you can admire the peaks of the Bernina Group: Piz Scerscen (3,971 m), Piz Sella (3,511 m), Piz Roseg (3,920 m) and Piz Bernina (4,049 m). Following the markers, continue on a long traverse and, after curving towards the right, you come out into a broad valley where you can begin to glimpse the Marinelli Bombardieri mountain hut located on a crag. Along the trail you will see the yellow marker for the Alta Via route. Follow the markers into the valley, crossing a few small bridges, and begin climbing the crag that leads to the Marinelli Mountain Hut. You can return on the same route or descend past Forcella di Fellaria. At the Carate Mountain Hut, follow the signs for the Bignami Mountain Hut. After reaching the Bignami Mountain Hut, continue to the Campo Moro and Gera dams and then on to the parking area.