The small church on the edge of an alpine meadow


TYPE: tourist hike

DURATION: 1 hour


TARGET USERS: families

PERIOD: from June to October 


Take the road that leads from Lanzada to the Campo Moro and Gera dams and pass Franscia, a small hamlet used primarily in the summer. Continue about 5 km further. After crossing two tunnels, you will see a road on the right near a small parking area (1,950 m). The trail that leads to the Ca Runcasch Mountain Hut, Alpe Campagneda e Cristina and Alpe Prabello begins here. The first section is on a paved road followed by a dirt road that is only used by people who lease the alpine pasture. After crossing the barrier that marks the entrance, follow the sheep track that winds amidst the sparse larches and Swiss pines, which are a reminder of the high altitude. Not long afterwards, you reach Alpe Campascio (2,078 m, approximately 30 min), nestled in a broad meadowed basin.
When you come to an intersection, the dirt road heads to Ca Runcasch, while the trail on the right leads to the Cristina Mountain Hut. Take the easy trail to the right, which is a little steep at first but then climbs more gently until you reach Alpe Prabello. The path passes small valleys and peat bogs, enlivened with local “cotton” plants (Scheuchzer’s cottongrass) and many other flowers, including rhododendrons, arnica, musk milfoil and primula. The alpine pasture appears behind a rocky rise and you can glimpse the Cristina Mountain Hut, which looms above on top of a small promontory (2,287 m, about 1 hour). The privately owned mountain hut can accommodate 30 guests and is open from mid-June to late September.