Val Caronella

A stunning valley listed as a Nature Protection Area by the EU’s Nature 2000 network

Val Caronella, a stunning valley set in the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinese, is a slice of paradise that offers a range of all-ability hikes and opportunities for stunning views over central Valtellina


The historic village of Carona is where this hike begins. Those arriving by car (driving from Aprica towards Sondrio) should follow signs to Val Belviso and then Carona, where there’s approximately ten parking spaces. Take a moment to admire the ancient church dedicated to S. Omobono that dates back to the 1400s. From here, there’s a mellow gravel track that leads up to the huts at Pra’ di Gianni (1,350 metres), followed by the picnic spot at Pra’ della Valle (1,370 metres).

Da questo punto è facile osservare e raggiungere le caratteristiche cascate per poi continuare su un sentiero più ripido e raggiungere la malga Caronella (1860 m).Per i più allenati il sentiero sale verso il passo di Caronella a quota 2600 metri (itinerario di 4/5 ore) per poi scendere per l’alta valle del Serio verso i bacini del lago del Barbellino dove si trovano il rifugio Barbellino e il Rifugio Antonio Curò.

The must-see waterfall is not far away now, so take a look and then continue along the path, which is now significantly steeper on the way to Caronella, a pasture at 1,860 metres of elevation. Hikers looking for more exertion can continue to the Passo di Caronella at 2,600 metres (a hike of roughly 4-5 hours) and drop down into the upper Valle del Serio towards the Barbellino lake, where you can refuel at Rifugio Barbellino or Rifugio Antonio Curò.

Start altitude: 1162 m
Finish altitude: 1850 m
Duration: 2 ore
Length: easy route to Caronella Waterfalls, then medium difficulty

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