Buckwheat in Flower

Stroll through fields of flowering buckwheat and visit the mills to learn about a staple of Valtellina cuisine.


Used in traditional dishes such as pizzoccheri, polenta taragna and sciatt, buckwheat is typical of the northern slopes of Valtellina, particularly in the town of Teglio, where the south-facing slopes provide the necessary sunlight and warmth.

Fields of Flowering Buckwheat and the Menaglio Mill

September is the best month to enjoy the fields of buckwheat in flower. Walking alongside the sea of white is probably one of the most picturesque experiences during this period in Teglio, the home of pizzoccheri, a buckwheat pasta dish. 

At the end of the walk, a visit to the Mulino Menaglio buckwheat mill in the hamlet of San Rocco is a must. The mill is managed by the "Associazione per la Coltura del Grano Saraceno di Teglio", which oversees the cultivation of buckwheat in the area. The mill has a two-storey exhibition area and a small factory with a kitchen, where you can sample several Valtellina dishes made with buckwheat in a unique setting.

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The Properties of Buckwheat

Buckwheat is a herbaceous plant whose grain-like seeds are ground into a flour, which is why it is often thought of as a true grain such as wheat or rye. Buckwheat is gluten-free, high in plant proteins, fibre, B-group vitamins, important minerals and amino acids.  

I campi di grano saraceno in fiore, a Teglio (Valtellina)
Il Mulino Menaglio, a Teglio
Il grano saraceno, tra i prodotti caratteristici della Valtellina, vanta numerose proprietà benefiche