Val Masino

A paradise for climbers and hikers and the extraordinary nature of Val di Mello


One of the top picks in Lower Valtellina, Val Masino is surely one of the most enticing and exhilarating side valleys – especially given the breathtaking scenery found within Val di Mello. Littered with huge granite boulders, this valley arguably has as much to offer to those who like to scale rock faces as it does to hikers. Val Masino is narrow to begin with, before widening and branching east and north-eastwards to Sasso Bisolo-Preda Rossa and Val di Mello, which stretch up to the foot of Monte Disgrazia, the region’s highest mountain at 3,678 m.s.l, and to the west with the Valle dei Bagni (the Baths) and Val Porcellizzo. 


Alpinism and rock climbing are often the first association that people make with Val Masino. Home to masses of boulders that litter the landscape, including Sasso Remenno, the biggest erratic boulder in Europe, it all adds up to create a natural outdoor gym that attracts avid climbers and bouldering fans from all over the world.

When it comes to vertical gain, you’ll be spoiled for choice in Val Masino. From Pizzo Badile to the many now-legendary routes you can climb with or without ropes, its menu of hiking and climbing routes is hard to beat. Trofeo Kima is a major event that comes to town every two years and follows the challenging Sentiero Roma, one of the most important high-altitude Alpine routes. For more family-friendly options, pick a hiking trail that winds through the woodland, past the rocks, babbling brooks, waterfalls and crystal-clear water.

While a Val Masino summer is all about being blown away by the wilderness, you can justifiably choose to spend winter under cover, opting for shelter inside Filorera’s Centro Polifunzionale della Montagna – an indoor climbing centre with 350 square metres of wall surface to play on. Back outdoors, there are also wintery walks suitable for all levels.

Sasso Remenno, the biggest erratic boulder in Europe
Pizzo Badile

Val di Mello, a natural jewel in Val Masino

Founded in 2009, the Riserva Naturale della Val di Mello is the biggest conservation area in Lombardy and is well worth a visit.


A glimpse of the amazing Val di Mello, the largest natural reserve in Lombardy