Val di Mello Natural Reserve

Welcome to Paradise!


Founded in 2009, the Riserva Naturale della Val di Mello is the biggest conservation area in Lombardy and is well worth a visit.

The valley floor is virtually flat and therefore accessible to all. A short way inside the gates is the stunning Qualido lake and famous Bidet della Contessa, which boasts absolutely crystalline waters. Further on, the landscape features spectacular waterfalls that drop from the adjoining valleys, and characteristic baite, or mountain houses, that make the valley extremely picturesque and an ideal location for a relaxing day in the mountains. The entire reserve is overshadowed by the elegant 3,678-m Monte Disgrazia

With its tall granite cliffs and boulders, Val di Mello is often called “Little Yosemite”. It also has historic and ecological similarities with the famous Californian park and is a not-to-be-missed destination for climbing enthusiasts.

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