History and tradition meet innovation


Come rain or come shine, the feet of Valmalenco’s inhabitants were always protected by pedü. These artisanal shoes crafted from rugged materials were a permanent feature in the lives of the Malenco people up until the 1950s. Over half a century later, pedü are experiencing a comeback thanks to a partnership between the old craftswomen of Lanzada, who are custodians of this age-old manual art, and the young women of the Polo di Formazione Professionale, a vocational training centre in Sondrio. 

Born of this union between the past and the present, the Pedü - Original project offers an updated version of the footwear that draws on ancient craftswomanship. Today’s pedü are a combination of tradition, comfort and style. The upper is created by a double layer of natural fabric, with tough polyester thread used for the stitching. The insole is made from several layers of woollen fabric and sewn rather than glued, while the Vibram sole contains up to 50% recycled rubber. These days the craftswomen have industrial sewing machines that improve the performance and finish of the shoes without impacting on the quality or craftsmanship.