Fly Emotion

Feel the emotion to fly in Valtellina


Man has wished to fly since ever: a mix of desire, mythos and adventure to search for freedom, fun and emotions. Enjoy Valtellina and its breathtaking landscapes with “Fly Emotion”: the first sports facility that makes you fly between two mountain slopes, from Albaredo per San Marco to Bema (near Morbegno) hanging by a rope while enjoying spectacular views and having a lot of fun.

Fly Emotion is suitable for everyone, from the little ones to the grown-ups: you do not need to make any physical effort; all you have to do is enjoy your flight and admire the wonderful landscape!

Fly Emotion: how it works

Thanks to a special harness, you will be fixed to a cart that runs through an iron rope and proceed thorugh an untouched mountain valley, giving you emotions and great landscapes. At the arrival a special breaking system will slow you down in a natural and automatic way.

Fly Emotion offers the possibility to choose between single flight or dual flight (it is not necessary to be accompanied by the instructor).

There are just some weight and height limits: 
single flight: 70 kg minimum weight, 120 kg maximum weight
dual flight: 100 kg minimum weight, 180 kg maximum weight (total weight)
height limits: 110 cm minimum height, 220 cm maximum height

The ticket (both for the single fly and the dual flight) includes:
fly from Albaredo per San Marco to Bema;
transfer by minibus
fly from Bema to Albaredo per San Marco

Info and tickets

When you book online you always get the best price! Prices start from € 32 per person for the dual flight*

*the online prices could be changed according to the period and the reservations of the same day

You may choose to buy your ticket at the ticket office on the same day:
dual flight € 79
single flight € 49 

For reservations and more information, click here and visit the official website