Trivigno: Pristine forests, meadows and breath-taking vistas!


Trivigno is an Alpine pasture and mountain plateau. It is without doubt one of the must-see places in the Tirano area, where you can enjoy a day of relaxation communing with nature. Trivigno is known for its firs, pines and larches, and expansive meadows devoid of houses, which combine to create spectacular colours and panoramas year round.

Trivigno offers something for everyone, no matter the season: in summer, it is a favourite with hikers and mountain bikers; in winter, it boasts a 5-km cross-country ski circuit; in spring, the blossoms are stunning; and in autumn, the colours are quite breath-taking.  

This highland paradise is accessible by car from Stazzona, via Motta and Aprica. Otherwise, you can mountain bike up to it from Tirano through the apple orchards of Cologna to Alpe Canali and on to Trivigno.


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