Tirano (441 m a.s.l.) is few kilometres far from Switzerland, on the crossroads with the Alpine route – through the Aprica and the Bernina passes – and the road to Sondrio and Milan to one direction and to the Higher Valtellina to the other. In Tirano there is the only basilica of the province: on 29th September 1504 the chronicles registered the apparition of the Madonna to the Blessed Mario Omodei and so the Rainessance Sanctuary of the Blessed Virgin Mary was erected. The Ethnographic Museum of Tirano is situated on the same square of the Basilica. From a rocky cliff over the town you can admire the little church of S. Perpetua (XI c.), which was an old hospice, with medieval frescos, and little further on the church of S. Rocco. In the town centre the ruins of the walls of the Sforzas and the Bormina, Milanese and Poschiavina gates, the castle of S. Maria, many villas and palazzi such as the Palazzo Salis, Palazzo d’Oro Lambertenghi - which today is a museum - and the clock tower of the parish church of  S. Martino. Tirano is the terminus of the “Bernina Express", part of the UNESCO heritage since 2008. Religious tourism, art, culture and breathtaking views from the vans of the Bernina Express, but also sport, especially if you are a mountain bike lover. The "Valtellina Rent-a-Bike" service is at your disposal. Tirano is part of the Città Slow (Slow Towns) network too. 

Info:  www.valtellinaturismo.com