The Alpine milk trail

Discover the Alpine pastures of Valmalenco and their products


A milky white train winds its way through Valtellina, taking in the lofty Alpine pastures of Valmalenco and other upland areas where in summer the cowherds and farmers flock with their herds to produce exquisite Bitto, Casera and Scimudin cheeses.  

Scimudin, which is produced from smaller quantities of milk and made into small soft rounds that local families keep on wooden shelves in their cellars, encapsulates the history of the local farming tradition. Casera was created in the 1500s and is a product of milk provided by a number of farmers, while Bitto, the “King of Cheeses”, represents something eternal, which over time becomes increasingly refined and intense. 

The Alpine Pastures of Valmalenco

During the summer, the pastures in Valmalenco, such as Alpe Oro, Alpe Campagneda, Alpe Sentieri, Alpe Zocca and Alpe Mastabbia, are open to visitors. Visitors can experience firsthand typical Alpine activities and taste delicious milk products that are the fruit of hard labour and tenacity.     

Hiking up to the Alpine pastures is no picnic, but it is well worth the effort. Nothing compares to being at high altitude in the heart of the Alps, where the smell of fresh grass blends with the crisp mountain air. Year round, the peace is broken only by sound of wild animals, babbling brooks and cowbells.

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