Sentiero Valtellina

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From the Como Lake to Bormio following the slow flow of the Adda river


The Sentiero Valtellina is a wonderful cycle-pedestrian path, mainly on the flat or slightly sloping, suited to all the family for discovering the beautiful sights in Valtellina. You can riding following the slow flow of the Adda river, coming across historic villages, castles, churches and buildings, choosing to take a tasty break and enjoy the most typical dishes from traditional Valtellina cuisine.

The many picnic areas with facilities are fun for little ones and a chance to relax and rest for those wanting to pedal for short distances without too much effort and picnic in nature. Railway stations can be found at various intervals along the route, allowing cyclists to use trains for easy transport. 

Through the "Rent a Bike" service you can rent a bike in different places on the Sentiero Valtellina (Colico, Morbegno, Sondrio, Tirano and Bormio), ride along the desired path and return it in one of the five rental stations. The bike range includes more than 300 bikes, MTBs, city bikes, e-bikes (more than 70), bikes for children, bike trolleys, seats for babies, helmets, etc.



ATTENTION! Temporary diversion in both directions, involving a stretch of main and local road

SECTION: Paniga – Talamona – Sirta (Forcola)
Direction: Morbegno > Sondrio

The Sentiero Valtellina is currently being diverted before Paniga. The diversion is clearly signposted: the re-routing begins as you reach the bridge in Paniga; turn right and cross the bridge. After the bridge, take another right and follow the road under the underpass of the Strada Provinciale – you’ll see two brown signs for the Sentiero Valtellina here. There’s a junction as you exit the underpass; turn left here, following the signs for the Sentiero Valtellina until you reach the Strada Provinciale. On the opposite side of this road is another sign signalling right to Sondrio; here, you’ll need to continue with the utmost caution as you turn right onto this road. Follow the road and continue over the Tartano bridge. Take the second exit when you reach the roundabout – this will be signposted for Sentiero Valtellina. Continue along the Provinciale Orobica road until you reach the village of Sirta. Another sign awaits here; turn left and go over the bridge. Once you’ve crossed the bridge, follow the signage and turn right. Here’s where you will re-join the original route of the Sentiero Valtellina.

NOTE: Do not turn left after crossing this bridge; if you take a left here, you will end up heading back towards Morbegno rather than in the direction of Sondrio.


SECTION: Ardenno – Talamona – Paniga
Direction: Sondrio > Morbegno

The Sentiero Valtellina is temporarily impassable for a stretch – immediately after going underneath the SS38 road bridge, you’ll arrive at a snack bar/kiosk, where the diversion begins. Follow the signs from here onwards: turn right and follow a short track until the SS38 road. Turn right onto this road and continue until the new roundabout; stay left as you approach the roundabout, remembering to signal correctly, and then take the second exit – this is signposted for the Sentiero Valtellina. Continue along this road over the Tartano bridge and along the straight road (the Provinciale). After approximately one kilometre, there is a left turn signposted for Paniga – Campovico. Signal left and turn safely. Follow the road around to the right and under the underpass, through the traffic lights and cross the bridge over the Adda. Immediately after the bridge, turn left and you will be back on the Sentiero Valtellina heading towards Morbegno.