Last update: 26 April


Starting from Monday April 26, Lombardy is placed in the "yellow zone".


From 5 to 22 it is possible to move within the Lombardy Region, as well as to move in and out to other yellow or white areas, without having to motivate the move. It remains forbidden to travel from 10pm to 5am the following day except for travel motivated by work needs, health reasons or necessities (self-certification required).

Attention: the movements, in or out, from the territories classified as orange or red can take place if: - those who make the move are in possession of the green certification - those who move do so for proven reasons of health, work or necessity - in this case, self-certification will be required.


Retail commercial activities are allowed, provided that the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is guaranteed, that the entrances take place in a delayed manner and that it is prevented from staying inside the premises longer than the time necessary to purchase the goods .

There are no restrictions on the categories of salable goods. These activities are carried out in compliance with protocols or guidelines suitable for preventing or reducing the risk of contagion in the reference sector or in similar areas.  

On holidays and days before holidays, the closure of commercial establishments inside the shopping centers and covered markets remains confirmed, with the exception of pharmacies, parapharmacies, health centers, laundries and dry cleaners, points of sale of foodstuffs, agricultural and horticultural products, tobacconists, newsagents and bookstores.

From 26 April, catering services are allowed, carried out by any establishment, with consumption at the table exclusively outdoors and also at dinner, in compliance with the time limits in which travel is allowed (from 5 to 22). Starting from 1 June, in the yellow zone, these activities will also be allowed indoors, with consumption at the table, from 5 am to 6 pm. The consumption at the table is allowed for a maximum of 4 people per table, unless they are all living together.


From April 26, any sporting activity is allowed outdoors, including team and contact activities, with the requirement that the use of the changing rooms is prohibited unless otherwise established by the guidelines.

cultural activities

Starting from 26 April 2021, shows open to the public will be possible in theatrical halls, concert halls, cinemas, live clubs and in other venues or spaces, even outdoors. The shows are carried out exclusively with pre-assigned seats and on condition that the respect of the interpersonal distance of at least one meter is ensured both for the spectators who are not habitually cohabiting, and for the staff. The capacity allowed cannot exceed 50% of the maximum authorized and the maximum number of spectators cannot in any case exceed 1,000 for outdoor shows and 500 for indoor shows, for each single room. be carried out in compliance with the guidelines adopted pursuant to article 1, paragraph 14, of decree-law no. 33 of 2020.  Shows open to the public remain suspended when it is not possible to ensure compliance with the conditions indicated above.