Acquafraggia waterfalls


The Cascate dell’Acquafraggia (from acqua fracta, or “river interrupted by many waterfalls”), are one of the most exquisitely beautiful and interesting spots in Valchiavenna. 

Also mentioned by Leonardo Da Vinci in his Codex Atlanticus, they are located in Piuro and can be glimpsed from the road. The river of the same name has its source at 3,050 m above sea level, in Pizzo di Lago, and as it rushes down to the valley floor it passes through two high altitude valleys, both of which were formed by glaciers, at 2,000 m and 1,000 m above sea level, respectively. 

The Acqua Fraggia river has a series of waterfalls, the most beautiful of which are the double falls near the bottom. From the top of the waterfalls, follow the path that winds through chestnuts, junipers and rocks, and enjoy a close-up view of this uniquely beautiful and impressive natural phenomenon. 

A short detour to the right leads to a large terrace a few metres from the rushing waters.