Marmitte dei Giganti


The Marmitte dei Giganti are located north of Chiavenna, in an area that has geomorphological formations created by glaciers. The rivers that collected the superficial glacial run-off flowed over the glaciers themselves and deposited stones and other detritus in the crevasses. The water tumbling into the ravines created a vortex of water and stones that eroded the rock under the glacier, thereby gouging out strangely shaped holes and smoothing the stones. The massive cylindrical or bowl-shaped rocks suggested the name Marmitte dei Giganti, or Giants’ Pots.

Rock etchings

Smooth rocks, the walls of ancient quarries, boulders and small caves bear uncountable signs of human existence and the need to communicate with rock etchings. There are figurative drawings and dates, abstract geometric shapes, etchings, markings and symbols that in many cases have still not been decoded. 

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