Val Federia

Cute and charming, this idyllic valley is home to centuries-old mountain huts and barns known as Tee, well-tended meadows and a little church with a bulb-shaped bell tower. The route winds up the valley through the verdant pastures that rise about halfway up the mountainside, scattered with typical wooden mountain huts.

In the upper part of the valley, you’ll reach the Cheseira da Fedaria dairy, where lots of other hiking and biking routes begin.

trekking in val federia: where to go

From the car park at the Ponte della Calcheria (1,846 metres of elevation), follow signs for path 167 and start heading deeper into the valley. Don’t cross the main bridge in front of you – instead, turn left and follow a track that parallels another stream. Later, there’s a little bridge to cross and the stream will be on your right as you rejoin the main dirt track through the valley. Coming up is a junction in a spot called Plan da l’Isoleta (2,060 metres): turning right, the path 172 climbs on a gravel track for 3 km up to Rifugio Cassana (2,700 metres), getting progressively steeper, trickier to ride, and more challenging to stay upright. The main track has a more consistent gradient up until the Cheseira da Federia/di Mortarecc (2,210 metres).

From here, you can dip back into the bottom of the valley and climb the dirt track (path 162) that takes you to the top of the Carosello 3000 cable car station. Once up high, follow a nice singletrack down the mountainside to where you just came from.

Once you hit the junction at Plan da l’Isoleta on your way down, turn left and then right onto path 173 to return to your starting point at Pont de la Calcheria. Weaving through the picture-perfect old huts makes the final stretch of this ride even more special.

Some info

Start/finish: Parcheggio Pont de la Calcheira
minimum stay: 1860 m
maximum stay: 2207 m
length: 12 Km 542 m
period: june-october