Hiking on Valle del Drogo

Spectacular hiking on the western side of Valle Spluga


Just up from Chiavenna stands the small village of San Giacomo-Filippo. From here, locate the S. Bernardo hydroelectric power station at an elevation of 1,050 metres. Here’s where the roughly three-hour hike to Lago del Truzzo in the picture-perfect Valle del Drogo begins.

From the far edge of the car park, take the ancient-looking mule track that parallels the stream, passing the handful of buildings in Drogo and the little church of Sant’Antonio, where you’ll find the Dai Camuscin agriturismo https://www.facebook.com/daicamuscin.camuscin. At the end of the flat valley, there’s an old but well-paved trail to the right that starts to rise. 

From the guardhouse of the dam, you need to climb the cement steps behind it to reach the top of the huge wall, from where you can look out over the manmade Lago del Truzzo (2,080 metres). Cross the dam to the western edge and join a path that skirts along the left side of the lake before climbing an extra bit of the mountain, where you’ll find Lago Nero and the Rifugio Carlo Emilio (2,157 metres).

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