Apple blossom

Stroll through the spectacular apple orchards in spring 


The delicate apple trees rise from the carpet of flowers that covers the northern slopes of the valley. Vibrant green leaves mingle with the apple blossoms to create a sea of white and green that extends as far as the eye can see from the valleys to mid-way up the slopes. 

This spectacular annual show – best enjoyed when the weather starts to get warmer and the sky becomes an intense blue – is particularly breath-taking when viewed from the Valtellina Wine Road, an easy route that takes you on foot or by car along the valley and halfway up the lower slopes

The wine road is lined with vineyards, olive trees and a variety of apple trees: Golden Delicious, Red Delicious, Gala, Fuji, Morgenduft, Granny Smith. The apple orchards are representative of local farming traditions and dominate the alluvial slopes up to 900 metres above sea level in Ponte in Valtellina, Bianzone, and the area that borders on Villa di Tirano, Sernio and Lovero. 

These townships have long been associated with the orchards and the locals are well aware of the importance of the flowering season, which is both beautiful and extremely delicate.