Ponte nel Cielo

Val Tartano is the new home of the Sky Bridge, a 140-metre high and 234-metre long Tibetan bridge.


The Ponte nel Cielo is a 234-metre-long pedestrian bridge suspended 140 metres above the valley floor, connecting Campo Tartano (alt. 1,034 m) and the verdant pastures of Frasnino (alt. 1,038 m). It is the highest Tibetan bridge in Europe!

Constructed by the Püstarèsc Consortium, the bridge consists of 700 boards made from Val Tartano larch. Suitable for all ages, including children, it offers visitors and hikers unique panoramic views of the mountains, the lush Tartano valley, Colombera dam, the alpine pastures of Frasnino and lower Valtellina down to Lake Como.

Opening Hours and Tickets

The Ponte nel Cielo is open 7 days from 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m. (until sunset on Saturdays).
Price: € 5.00 (Free for children aged 14 and under).

The ticket office is on Via Costa in Campo Tartano and the Ponte nel Cielo is a 10-minute walk away.

Please note: during the weekend, holidays and every day in August it is necessary to purchase the ticket online on the official website