Trekking in Valfurva

Infinite hiking opportunities in the heart of the Stelvio National Park


Even by the standards of the Stelvio National Park, which raises the bar for magnificent hiking, Valfurva takes it up a notch with a network of mountain huts readily available to welcome hikers, as well as fascinating First World War trails too.

Out of the bounty of options, Val Zebrù earns a spot at the top of the list for its wildlife – expect to see deer, marmots and ibex while out. During October and November, the fiery autumnal hues make this valley particularly beautiful, and the sounds of the roaring stags echo between the mountains.

More stunning adventures await in Valfurva’s other key hiking zones: Valle dei Forni, home to the Forni glacier, and Val Cedec. What’s more, don’t overlook the Gavia Pass – not just the elite preserve of road cyclists, this area has hiking trails and views to make you swoon.

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