Water Sports in Valchiavenna

From the exhilaration of canyoning in Val Bodengo to the tranquillity of Novate Mezzola lake: water adventures for every taste!


Narrow gorges cutting into the rock and natural slides that have been carved and honed by the water have created an exciting adventure park nestled in a stunning, wild and unspoilt setting. Mountain guides are a must. Val Bodengo is a prime destination for canyoning enthusiasts with different routes for all skill levels. The easiest routes have 6-metre slides, while the more challenging feature waterfalls of up to 25 m! Whichever level you choose, you can rest assured that you will have lots of fun!

Lake Mezzola, on the border between the provinces of Sondrio and Como, is the ideal place to try canoeing, especially if you want to paddle into hidden landscapes of outstanding beauty, such as Tempietto di San Fedelino, the oldest Romanesque church in Lombardy. 

Guide e Istruttori

  1. Canyoning Team Val Bodengo

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  2. Team Canyoning Val Bodengo

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