Madesimo (1550 m a.s.l.) is situated in the higher Valle Spluga, underneath the same-name pass that leads to Switzerland. It has been a renewed tourist resort both in winter- and in summertime since the earl Twentieth Century. The poet Giosuè Carducci came here to spend his summer holidays from 1888 to 1905. Today Madesimo has a modern ski area that goes from 1150 to 2880 meters with 60 km of ski runs for alpine skiing, such as the ones coming down from the enchanting Val di Lei and the spectacular Canalone ski run, together with various trails for Nordic skiing and routes for trips on snowmobile and/or snow kite. Visit Madesimo in summer time too: walk or ride on the Via dello Spluga or choose among many trails that lead to alpine huts and lakes. Visit also the church of the Saints Pietro and Paolo, which was built in 1946 in spite of an older one of the Sixteenth Century, and the little church of S. Maria Maddalena in  Pianazzo. While coming downhill do not miss to stop in Campodolcino (1070 m a.s.l.), a delightful hamlet for you to stay. This is the starting point for many hiking tours and climbs: the road of the Cardinello to the Spluga pass, with its Gole (gorges) and the peaks of the higher Valle Spluga. In winter you will reach the ski lifts in Motta in few minutes using the underground funicular railway Sky Express. Have a tour of the Eco-Museum of the Valle Spluga and the Cà Bardassa in the hamlet of Fraciscio, which today is the seat of the Ethnographic Museum and of the local Comunità Montana (a sort of Upland Authority).

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Attività di Madesimo/Campodolcino


Food and drink

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