The home of Pizzoccheri, Teglio is considered one of Italy’s most beautiful towns


On a sun-soaked mountainside on Valtellina’s Rhaetian side of the valley, Teglio has long played a vital strategic role, with signs that are still visible today of the various eras of occupation to which it has been subjected – from the Romans to the Cisalpine Republic led by Napoleon Bonaparte, and the Lombards through to the Grisons.

Not just the revered home of Valtellina’s lauded local dish pizzoccheri, it’s also purportedly thanks to the might of Teglio that Valtellina got its name, with researchers tracing the etymology back to the curial Latin name of Vallis Tellina, meaning the Valley of Teglio.


When it comes to agriculture, Teglio has got it good with such a sun-drenched spot on the valley side, giving it the ideal terrain for grapes, rye and buckwheat – the key ingredient in pizzoccheri, Valtellina’s well-known gourmet staple. For a picture-perfect stroll, head through the fields of buckwheat in flower and pay a visit to the Mulino Menaglio, where the grain is milled.

If being in the hometown of pizzoccheri isn’t convincing enough, the town has set up the Accademia del Pizzocchero to safeguard the dish, so you can be sure that each plateful assiduously follows the traditional recipe.

A good dish of pizzoccheri prepared by the Academy of Pizzocchero is a must in Teglio


A gorgeous town, Teglio is full of things to see, including the hugely panoramic Torre de li Beli Meri towers, and nearby Church of San Eufemia, from where the Cammino Mariano delle Alpi pilgrimage trail between Teglio and Tirano begins.

The must-visit Palazzo Besta is one of the most beautiful renaissance palaces in all of Lombardy as well being the only state museum in the province. At the heart of the building, the internal courtyard reveals two rows of arches supported by columns and lavish frescoes on the upper loggia depicting scenes from the Aeneid. Don’t miss the Antiquarium Tellinum on the ground floor and the Hall of Honour on the first floor, resplendent with scenes from Orlando Furioso

In recognition of the town’s commitment to preserving its heritage, guaranteeing a warm welcome to all visitors, adopting an eco-friendly outlook and upholding the quality of its cuisine, Teglio has been internationally certified as a Città Slow.

The tower De Li Beli Miri is among the undisputed symbols of Teglio
The inner curtain of the splendid Palazzo Besta of Teglio


Other than satisfying your palate with a plate of pizzoccheri and visiting the various museums and cultural destinations, Teglio also boasts a compact, family-friendly ski resort above the town on the sunny, gentle slopes of Prato Valentino.

Stretching upwards from the valley floor at 400 metres above sea level, Teglio aims high – almost 3,000 metres high, in fact – and offers a bounty of outdoor activities throughout the year. There are various experiences to choose from whether you’re looking for a leisurely ramble, a strenuous hike, a selfie spot, a mountain peak or pass, or even to scale the rockface of Castelvetro.  

On two wheels or on four legs, age-old paths and gravel tracks that either go up or around the mountainside give you and your steed the chance to explore. If water is more your thing, opt for a canoeing or rafting trip down the River Adda.

Info: www.teglioturismo.com