Trekking in Sondrio and surroundings

As the capital of the province, Sondrio has enough hiking and walking routes to keep you occupied for an eternity. From Piazza Garibaldi in the centre of the town, take a peaceful 15-minute stroll along the river to Parco Bartesaghi, where you can join the traffic-free Sentiero Valtellina.saghi

Just a stone’s throw from Piazza Garibaldi stands Piazza Campello, which marks the start of the Sentiero Rusca. An ancient religious route and one of the most important in Valtellina, it leads you into Valmalenco from Sondrio, making a beeline for Passo Muretto and the border between Italy and the canton of Graubünden in Switzerland. For a shorter and less huff-puff option from the city, take a walk to the stunning Santuario della Madonna della Sassella, tucked amongst the vineyards of the Rhaetian Alps. If you raise your gaze from the city, you’ll also spot the Cassandre bridge, which makes up part of the 8 km Anello delle Cassandre and gives you a birds-eye-view over the rugged gorges of the Mallero as this Alpine river speeds out from Valmalenco. This circular walk includes early parts of the Sentiero Rusca and takes you through the districts of Ponchiera, Arquino and Mossini.

If you want to admire the lush landscape of Valtellina’s Orobic Alps, Val d'Arigna in Ponte in Valtellina is just the place for a hike. For a 10.5 km circuit featuring the ancient castles of Grumello and Mancapane, make sure the Circuito dei Castelli in Montagna in Valtellina is on your agenda. But remember, when visiting Valtellina, there’s a lot to be gained by exploring lesser-known side valleys, which include the stunning Val Fontana, Val Cervia and Val Madre. 

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