The Crotti of Valchiavenna

Enjoy authentic traditional cuisine in a unique setting


The Valchiavenna crotti differ from traditional cellars in that they are formed from massive boulders and have a natural vent called a sorel that helps to maintain a more or less constant temperature. Their natural qualities make them ideal to cellar the wine, cured meats and cheeses for which the region is famous. 

While the interior of the crotti acts as a natural fridge, their courtyards are also a fantastic place to meet with friends and family, being lined with rustic tables and benches. Visitors have been flocking here ever since the first osteria-ristorante opened, and the Sagra dei Crotti fair in Pratogiano further boosted their popularity. The “andèm a cròt” slow food and wine circuit is also immensely popular. 

“Andèm a cròt” literally translates as “going to the grottos”, and the circuit is all about socialising and taking time out to enjoy the local cuisine in an ancient setting. The heart-warming local cuisine includes such delicacies as Gnocchetti di Chiavenna, Valchiavenna bresaola (marinated and cured fillet of beef), meat and vegetables grilled on stone slabs, biscottini di Prosto and the delicious torta fioretto cake.  


  1. Crotasc

    Via Don Primo Lucchinetti, 67
    Tel: 0343 41003
    Fax: 0343 41521

  2. Crotto Belvedere

    Strada della Chiesa
    Tel: 0343 33589
    Fax: 0343 32823

  3. Crotto Quartino

    via dei Quartini, 5
    Località Santa Croce, Piuro
    Tel: +39 0343 35305

  4. Crotto Al Prato

    Via Don Peppino Cerfoglia, 2
    Tel: 0343 37248
    Fax: 0343 31658

  5. Crotto Ombra

    Viale Pratogiano, 14
    Tel: 0343 290133
    Fax: 0343 290133

  6. Crotto Ubiali

    Via Pratogiano, 56
    Cell: 345 6017912

  7. Crotto Giovanantoni

    Via San Giovanni, 37
    Cell: 347 2617655

  8. Crotto Chiggi

    Via Nazionale 31
    Villa di Chiavenna
    Tel: 0343 40032

  9. Crotto Al Fuin

    Via al Fuin, 3
    Borgonuovo di Piuro
    Tel: 0343 290378

Tourist office

Info Point Chiavenna
Piazza Caduti per la Libertà
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