Val Gerola

Tucked into the Parco dello Orobie Valtellinese, Valgerola is all mountains and meadows, where you can while away the long hours of summer daylight on its pastures. Like most Alpine valleys, the range in altitude unlocks a myriad of landscapes. From deciduous to coniferous forests, pastures to rocky ridges and peaks, each habitat presents its own vegetation and unique nature.


For lovers of the outdoors, Val Gerola has a lot to offer in every season. Hiking is the go-to activity throughout summer, catering to all levels and distances. Lago di Pescegallo should feature on everyone’s itinerary; after all, the chair lift, which remains open in summer, offers easier access to this beautiful Alpine lake. Climbing is also a big thing in this valley, with many marked and pitched routes for sport climbing as well as designated climbing parks, like the GerolaSass which opened in 2019.

While summer days fill up blissfully with relaxation and adventure, the snowy season turns Val Gerola into a mesmerising winter wonderland, where time stands still. The ski area of Valgerola–Pescegallo becomes the centre of the fun. This small resort is a haven offering natural snow-sure conditions, with superb slopes, ski mountaineering routes, and snowshoeing hikes and enough to keep you on the mountain all day.

what to see IN VAL GEROLA

Top picks for sights of interest include Gerola Alta’s Eco-Museum and the ‘Camera Picta’ series of 15th-century frescoes found in Pirondini, part of the village of Sacco, depicting the ‘Homo Salvadego’, the typical inhabitant of these mountain valleys and a symbol of Alpine farming culture. Amongst the many places of worship and shrines dotted throughout the valley’s small hamlets, the Church of San Bartolomeo – first recorded in 1307 – merits a visit as does the 18th-century Oratory of the Confratelli.