Pitched between Bormio and Livigno in the heart of the Stelvio National Park lies Valdidentro with its handsome landscape, and bountiful opportunities for sport. Whatever the season, this vast district – the largest in all of the Sondrio province – has something to please everyone.


In summer it is difficult to beat the simple pleasure of hiking in Val Viola, Val Lia and the Valle di San Giacomo and up towards the dams at Cancano – a climb that should also be done by bike at least once. This spectacular climb was largely under the radar until 2020, when the Giro d’Italia’s dramatic summit finish cemented Laghi di Cancano’s position in the annals of cycling history.

A skiers’ magnet in winter, Valdidentro has something for every discipline: the Viola piste and biathlon facilities serve cross-country skiers; while the ski lifts on Monte Masucco that first brought Alpine skiing to the area in the 1980s are now linked to the Valdisotto ski area to form the Cima Piazzi ski zone. Come here in summer and winter for a go on the whoop-inducing Family Bob, the only one of its kind on rails in Lombardy. For more off-the-beaten-track experiences, head to Arnoga for a trip out with the sled dogs or husky trekking along the Decauville to the Cancano road.


When you’re in need of a rest, be sure to check out the thermal centres: QC Terme Bagni Nuovi and QC Terme Bagni Vecchi, both offering a chance to soak in the natural thermal water that flows from the mountain above.

Sotto la silente guardia della Cima Piazzi che sovrasta il paese, trovano spazio tante attività a contatto con la natura e non solo. L'eco di un passato commerciale si avverte dalle Torri di Fraele, un tempo inserite in un sistema di fortificazioni più complesso che serviva a sbarrare l’entrata nel bormiese; mentre tracce dell’attività siderurgica, che, insieme ad agricoltura, allevamento e commercio, è stata fonte di ricchezza del territorio, sono visibili nella Ferriera Corneliani di Premadio.

Under the watchful gaze of Cima Piazzi, this unspoiled landscape is not only a true outdoor sports location, there’s also a chance to discover a lot of local history: traces of the area’s economic past are visible in the Torri di Fraele ruins, watchtowers that were once part of a much larger fortification system that protected the area of Bormio, plus the Ferriera Corneliani di Premadio – relics of the iron industry that brought wealth to the valley alongside agriculture, farming and trade.


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