Valdidentro (1350 masl) is situated north-west from Bormio. This valley was an historical crossroads to and from the near Switzerland and to the other passes beyond the Alps. The Imperial Road of Alemagna started from here during the Middle Age. In Valdidentro nature is surprisingly beautiful, skiing is a must and relaxing is supreme: the enchanting 3439 meters of the Cima Piazzi, the lifts and the ski runs for alpine skiing and the trails for cross-country skiing, the Ski Stadium "Azzurri d'Italia" - a sports centre dedicated to Nordic disciplines in winter and to mountain bike and roller skiing in summer time - the healing thermal waters of the Bagni Vecchi and the Bagni Nuovi to indulge into, the historical facilities that toady  welcome you by combining the original lightness of the liberty style with the most suitable treatments. Valdidentro is all this. And even more: art and culture have distinct features here in this valley. Visit the precious church of San Gallo of the Fifteenth Century in Premàdio, the church of the Saints Martino and Urbano in Pedenosso, which already existed in 1316 and was rebuilt in 1685, and the two lookout towers of Fraele for the defence of the Count of Bormio, which are situated at the entrance of the Valle di Fraéle, close to the dam of Cancano and the artificial lake of San Giacomo.  

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