Livigno, "feel the Alps"


Known as Europe’s Little Tibet, Livigno is an established high-altitude destination (the second highest in Italy), sat just metres from the border with Switzerland, with virtually everything to satisfy sports lovers and shoppers alike.

Livigno could be content to rest on its laurels and promote its altitude as the sole reason to visit. After all, science has proven that a stint at altitude (Livigno fits the bill at 1,816 metres above sea level) lowers blood pressure, heart rate and improves the quality of your sleep. But science alone isn’t enough for this unique spot…


It’s easy to lose count when it comes to listing Livigno’s outdoor activities: cycling, hiking, climbing, aquatic sports like canoeing and kayaking, as well as snow sports including Alpine skiing, backcountry, ski mountaineering, cross-country skiing, snowboarding and snowshoeing all winter long.

Lined with 600 km of marked trails, the landscape is there to be explored. Thanks to the presence of two up-lift facilities – Mottolino and Carosello – accessibility is not an issue either. For added height, check out the natural rock climbing ‘gym’ or head to the fun-filled Larix Park to get airtime amongst the trees. For golfers, Livigno’s golf training area is the highest of its kind in Europe.

Shifting indoors, Aquagranda Active You caters not only for your core and cardio, but also looks after your wellness wants in its spa. The ‘European City of Sport’ title isn’t a term thrown around lightly, and Livigno truly fits the bill as a veritable high altitude outdoor gym, attracting athletes and enthusiasts from across the globe. Whatever your sport, you won’t want to leave this scenic spot.

When you want to take the adrenaline down a notch, head to the lake to soak up the sunshine and fill your lungs with Livigno’s invigoratingly crisp air, even at the height of summer.


Like to combine an authentic mountain lifestyle with a touch of shopping? With countless boutiques and duty-free shops lining the streets set to a backdrop of majestic mountains, Livigno unites these two elements like nowhere else. Amongst the maze of streets with rustic homes and wooden balconies swathed in vibrantly coloured flowers, this shopping hotspot brims with energy and a distinctly cosmopolitan vibe.

But as chic and fun-loving as Livigno is, this destination, found at the far end of Valtellina, has by no means forgotten its farming roots. A glance at the packed events calendar confirms that it strongly upholds its Alpine identity, as does a visit to the Mus! (the Museum of Livigno and Trepalle), and a pit-stop at the Latteria, a dairy farm cooperative that still functions today and is home to an exhibition recounting local traditions.