Trekking in Valmalenco

Dozens of refuges and endless hiking trails in the heart of the Western Rhaetian Alps


Valmalenco boasts the most refuges in Valtellina and offers infinite possibilities for hikers. 

You must explore the multi-day Alta Via della Valmalenco trail, even if only partially. The trail is over 100 km long and is divided into eight stages that are almost all over 2,000 m above sea level and all of which offer stunning panoramic views.  

The Disgrazia, Bernina and Scalino glaciers are some of the most interesting in the entire Alps. The pristine Alpine lakes and mountain pastures make the perfect resting places to take in the revitalizing mountain air. Valmalenco is criss-crossed by a myriad of trails that will bring you into close contact with nature and the unspoilt Alpine environment

Guide e Istruttori

  1. Casa delle Guide della Valmalenco

    Via Milano 7
    Chiesa in Valmalenco
    Tel: +39 348 8403009

  2. Valmalenco Alpina

    Chiesa in Valmalenco
    Tel: +39 347 4687105

Info Point

Ufficio Turistico Chiesa in Valmalenco
Loc. Vassalini
Tel. +39 0342 451150