Trekking in Valchiavenna

The Via Spluga, Val Codera, Savogno and other unspoiled destinations to explore


The 65km Via Spluga is an ancient path that runs between Chiavenna and Thusis, in neighbouring Switzerland. Tracing the route used by pilgrims and traders for centuries, each kilometre represents a fascinating encounter with history and nature.

If border-hopping hikes sound appealing, Via Bregaglia is a worthwhile route linking Chiavenna with Maloja, and so is the hike from the spectacular Acquafraggia waterfalls in Piuro to Savogno, a charming village where you’ll wonder if time has stood still.

Ripe for exploring, Val Codera is certainly worth a visit – a hiker’s paradise, reachable only on foot as part of a roughly two-hour hike.

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