Discover these valleys

Stunning hikes in little-known valleys that radiate beauty


There’s nothing better than a hiking trip where you can fill your lungs with Valtellina’s fresh, invigorating mountain air and explore its numerous valleys on foot.

discover these valleys

Sure, you’ve got the well-known and often well-trodden valleys like Val di Mello, Val Viola, Valle dei Forni and sites like the Cascate dell’Acquafraggia waterfall and Cancano with its lakes, but Valtellina has so many more jaw-droppingly beautiful valleys that are off the radar of most tourists.

Here’s a selection of the most authentic, undiscovered valleys with mesmerising scenery and little risk of overcrowding so social distancing is a given.


VAL FEBBRARO, Madesimo: a rugged valley reachable from Isola and known for its spectacular waterfall
VALLE DEL DROGO: set off from the village of San Giacomo Filippo and hike up to the lake of Truzzo
VALLE DEI RATTI: an easy hike to the mountain village of Frasnedo
TEMPIETTO DI SAN FEDELINO: a beautiful walk to the idyllic, little Chiesa di San Fedele, the area’s oldest monument sat on the lake of Novate Mezzola.

Frasnedo, Valle dei Ratti
Frasnedo, Valle dei Ratti

dominated by the 2,609 metre-tall Monte Legnone, this is the first valley that opens up into the Orobie Alps as you enter Valtellina after leaving Lake Como behind
a slice of paradise not far from Albaredo per San Marco;
hike along the Costiera dei Cech for jaw-dropping panoramic views
an all-ability hike from Cataeggio to the waterfall
ALPE CULINO in Val Gerola:
a family-friendly hike starting in Rasura where you can experience life on a mountain pasture up-close
a hike to one of Valtellina’s most iconic sites, known for being the meeting point of thee Lombardy regions (Bergamo, Como and Sondrio).

The stunning view from Monte Legnone, in Val Lesina
The stunning view from Monte Legnone, in Val Lesina

VAL FONTANA: explore a unspoiled, wild and breathtaking landscape
VAL MADRE: a route that takes you up to the Passo di Dordona through a valley steeped in history
VAL CERVIA: hike from the village of Cedrasco into one of the most treasured valleys in the Orobie Alps;
LAGO DELLA CASERA: set off from Albosaggia to reach the emerald-coloured lake in Valle del Livrio
VAL D'ARIGNA: a spectacular valley in the Orobie Alps known for its creamy "polenta cropa"

A glimpse of Val Cervia
A glimpse of Val Cervia

ALPE & LAGO SCHIAZZERA: reachable from Val Saiento, one of the first valleys in the Rhaetian Alps after Tirano
VAL GROSINA: one of Valtellina’s most luscious, well-looked-after and worth-visiting valleys with beautifully restored homes. Also worth doing: the hike to Eita and a route to the Passo Malghero 
TRIVIGNO: an oasis amongst trees, meadows and stunning views. Don’t miss the opportunity to climb Monte Padrio and do a loop of Monte Giovello
SENTIERO DEI CONTRABBANDIERI: the so-called Smugglers Route that takes hikers along the Rhaetian Alps through vineyards and little villages tracing the steps of the locals who used to smuggle goods over the border
VAL CARONELLA: a stunning valley recognised as a Site of Community Importance by the Natura 2000 Network
VAL BELVISO: expect unbeatable nature, fascinating history and varied fauna as you walk to the lakes of Torena
FONTE DELLA FRASCESCA: generous with its panoramic views, this walk from Teglio leads you to the refreshing Fonte della Frascesca fountain
VAL BONDONE: cross the mountain torrent of the same name and explore this under-the-radar gem inside the Parco delle Orobie Valtellinese that’s well worth uncovering for its rare beauty
ZAPPELLI D'ABRIGA: a gorgeous hike from Villa di Tirano to Aprica following the ancient "Zapei" – steps cut into the rocks – that once formed the only link between Valtellina and Val Camonica. 

The Val Belviso, wonderful valley in the heart of the Orobie
The Val Belviso, wonderful valley in the heart of the Orobie

LE TRE BARACCHE to the Passo dello Stelvio: a fairly challenging hike along trenches, outposts and military roads from World War I
VAL VEZZOLA in Valdidentro: a gorgeous valley close to the Cancano Lakes
VAL LIA in Valdidentro:  hike to l'Alpe Boron for awe-inspiring panoramic views over the majestic Cima Piazzi glacier or routes towards Val Cardonè 
LA ROMANTICA in Valfurva: a beautiful hike from S. Caterina Valfurva to Dosso Tresero on a twisty route through the forest with postcard-worthy views
VALLACCIA a Livigno: a mesmerising walk from Trepalle into a landscape characterised by peace and quiet with steep grassy sides and the odd, beautiful wooden hut. Follow the valley all the way to reach Val Viola in Valdidentro. 

Val Vezzola, in Valdidentro
Val Vezzola, in Valdidentro